Career Development

Career Development Our talented employees choose to continue their careers with us year after year. Our growth allows tenured and new employees opportunities to take on new assignments and responsibilities.

Ongoing Training and Development

The Blue Cross Learning and Performance Development Center provides initial and ongoing training to hundreds of our employees annually. Both job-specific and professional skills are emphasized. Our certified instructors have years of practical experience as well as an understanding of adult learning.

Online Courses

In addition to classroom training, computer-based courses are available to provide employees greater flexibility in professional development endeavors. These courses are available on-demand and include training on a variety of topics, from PC skills to coaching for improved performance.

Career Coaching

The Staffing Services Department provides Career Coaching to help employees develop knowledge and skills to reach their career goals. The program provides resources and training for career development and personal growth.

Internal Job Postings

An internal Careers system is available that allows employees to apply for positions within the Company. Employees can apply conveniently from their workstation through an internal HR Self-Service system.

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