Our Customers: Always a Top Priority

We are honored that you are considering employment with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama. We are proud to be a local Alabama company providing Alabamians access to healthcare since 1936.

Founded by hospitals and doctors, the health of Alabamians has been our inherent focus since the beginning. We were built on a strong foundation with the goal of ensuring Alabamians have access to quality healthcare at the lowest cost possible. Our goal remains the same today.

Since our inception, the healthcare industry has seen tremendous changes. We have embraced those changes and faced the resulting challenges with perseverance and a desire to continue to meet our customers' needs. Most recently, the Affordable Care Act led to some of the biggest changes the healthcare industry has encountered. Through the dedication of our staff, effective strategic planning, and a commitment to our customers, we have overcome the challenges of healthcare reform while moving into a new era of healthcare. Our history shows we have remained strong and steadfast in the face of adversity and will continue to do so regardless of what the future holds.

Our foremost priority is our customers. We realize that they often depend on us during a critical moment in their lives. By keeping our focus on their needs, we will continue to move in the right direction and maintain our position as the insurer more people choose.

Our past indicates that only one thing is certain: our industry will continue to change. Despite the changes that lie ahead, one thing will not change: our focus on our customers.

Dow Briggs, MD
Chief Business Officer
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama

Corporate Office
Hoover, Alabama

Service Center

Huntsville, Alabama


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